make. paint. explore

Welcome to my studio.
I am a painter, maker, and creative based in Minneapolis.

I love to coach folks who are aching to create or wondering “could I learn to paint?” but new to the process.

Art Teaching – Creative Lessons in Paint and Drawing

Guest Teaching – My Guest Teaching Spots and Schedules

I’d love to see you in class! I get to do something wonderful and participate in the absolute BEST collaborative classrooms. This keeps me quite busy, and it’s my favorite kind of classroom. I urge you to check my GUEST TEACHING and places I’ve been honored to guest teach in the past. (Links may be affiliate links.)

If you are interested in hosting me for Guest teaching, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

I also have tutorials and projects galore for you to choose from – from color mixing to acrylic abstract odysseys – let’s work together and paint something fabulous!


I design experiences and projects filled with small wins on the road to meaningful discovery.

The only things standing between you and the art that you wish you could create are some time, some tools, and some curiosity. When we learn how to point our curiosity effectively, there is no stopping us as artists!

Why art? Why learn to paint at all?

Because painting brings skill, awareness, and insight into every other process in our lives. Plus it’s absurd amounts of fun!

ARTIST TOOLS FOR YOU: Swatching sheets from denadraws

One of the projects I’m proudest of are the artist tools that I design and share with the world, like my paintable and non smearing watercolor swatching sheets.

I love deep diving into the process of color mixing and mastery – and these tools help me do it better. I know they will for you!