Painting In the Gaps – Quick Loose Roses

When we talk about stealing just a couple of moments for creativity and self-care this is what that can look like.

Things that help me create quickly and consistently?

  • Putting some of my tube watercolors into a pan set – I like the inexpensive metal cases with plastic half and full pans with colors I use the most.
  • Using scraps of paper – they tape down easily and I don’t have to stretch them to paint something really small and simple. The paper in the video is Arches 90 lb cold press – cheaper than the 140 pound and fine for smaller work or for stretching!
  • Scanning things and not worrying so much about using reverse sides, keeping everything forever, having a “messed up” leaf on the same page as a really good bunch of leaves. Digitization is easier and more accessible now, and it’s a great way to help us both keep and let go in our work!

Hope you like the video!

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