Watercolor Basics: How to Neutralize Color with Three Colors – CMY color palette

In this lesson, we’ll learn how to get neutral and subtle color – starting with just THREE specific colors. Paint with nuance now!

Watercolor Basics: How to Mix Bright Color with Three Colors – CMY color palette

In this lesson, we’ll learn how to get bright and bold transparent color – starting with just THREE specific colors. What are they? Let’s take a look here:

New Work: Chipmunk Watercolor and Gouache

The loose and fast fungi sketches of October have led me to a lot of passion about the forest floor – a pull in another landscape direction from the vast and spatial. Here’s what’s new: A detailed and lovingly painted rendition of a Chipmunk in gouache and transparent watercolor. The colors are carefully selected toContinue reading “New Work: Chipmunk Watercolor and Gouache”

Inktober #2

My unofficial month of mushrooms marches on! I love these new(ish) gray microns SO much, but I grabbed the wrong one in the light gray for this piece, a thicker 05. The hatching isn’t making me happy – but SO WHAT? It’s a small sketch in a small moleskine for a daily drawing prompt. ShowingContinue reading “Inktober #2”

Congratulations and More

First off, I am honored to congratulate Toni K, the winner of the free spot in PYHAS – it was SO fun seeing all the different entries and I want to thank each and every one of you for stopping by the blog and taking the time to answer. I’ll be making some more funContinue reading “Congratulations and More”

Hello Wonderful Creatives!

I’m so excited to finally let the news out – that I’m going to be one of the instructors in the amazing year-long course called Paint Your Heart and Soul 2023. I’m especially thrilled to be a part of PYHaS2023, because I love to be part of this great team so much! With at leastContinue reading “Hello Wonderful Creatives!”

New Works Available – Preview

New works will be available this Sunday – I’m so happy to share this collection with you!Follow me on Facebook so you can request a tag and an invite to the event. More info about each work follows! “Morning Maps”18x24x.78 inchesAcrylic on Cradled Hardboard “Murmurations”8x10x.75 inchesAcrylic on Cradled Hardboard “Sliding Up”12x12x.75 inchesAcrylic on Cradled HardboardContinue reading “New Works Available – Preview”

The Last Museum

My last museum outing? Before *gestures at everything* I had a great day with my father in law at the small, quirky, and absolutely hidden-gem level of beautiful Museum of Russian Art in Minneapolis. This was in September of 2019. My 2020 started in 2019, as I spent the year stumbling toward a big surgeryContinue reading “The Last Museum”

Painting In the Gaps – Quick Loose Roses

When we talk about stealing just a couple of moments for creativity and self-care this is what that can look like. Things that help me create quickly and consistently? Putting some of my tube watercolors into a pan set – I like the inexpensive metal cases with plastic half and full pans with colors IContinue reading “Painting In the Gaps – Quick Loose Roses”

For Real Though? (Favorite at the Met)

I’ve been going places in my memory. It’s all I’ve probably got for my forseeable, so let’s do some museums together! I’m going to post my favorites in a number of my favorite collections. I’m going to start with my home base of sorts, the Met in NYC. I can’t count the weekends I wentContinue reading “For Real Though? (Favorite at the Met)”