Featured Teaching With Ivy Newport

I am honored and thrilled to be a guest teacher with some of the finest folks in the mixed media and creativity space online. Let me guide you through these rich offerings here!

Flow States: The Semi Abstract Watercolor Landscape
Free Flowing: Special Effects and the Abstract Within in Watercolor

In these classes, where I am hosted by the ever-wonderful Ivy Newport, we learn to use watercolor as a means to a moment. Everything we do is in service to our image on our page, our painting as it is and as it asks us to be.

Join me for two classes that delve into a heart-lead, eye-sharpening, FLOW STATE intensive approach to watercolor painting. I have tailor made an experience that gives us modern, organic, and powerful responses to the landscape and the landscape within. Both classes mesh together and elaborate on one another – but you can easily take just one.

Hold on, though, before you click those buttons! If you are thinking about taking both of these classes, may I suggest that you join Ivy’s beautiful STUDIOWORKS community?


When you join Studioworks, you’ll enjoy FULL ACCESS to over 100 Creative Classes, our Studioworks Creative Journals, Meditations, Live Member Events, Private Creative Group and so much more!

Expect a vibrant community – a monthly creative magazine and a monthly lesson – (look for my lesson in sacred geometry and gouache from this last year!) as well as access to SO MANY full length classes by your favorite teachers and mine – full length classes on the network just as beautiful and informative as the ones I’ve linked to above.