Art Updates, botanicals, inktober, sketchbook

Inktober #2

My unofficial month of mushrooms marches on!

I love these new(ish) gray microns SO much, but I grabbed the wrong one in the light gray for this piece, a thicker 05. The hatching isn’t making me happy – but SO WHAT? It’s a small sketch in a small moleskine for a daily drawing prompt. Showing up is the goal and so far, so good.

Also I like how these are on the page. I feel like this little format is actually a good way to get my compositional skills in shape by the end of the month.

Anyone else doing some mushroom art? I love all the forms they offer up so much, really enjoying this.

I’d love to see any mushroom based art you’ve created below, so drop a link if you have some.

Art Updates, botanicals, inktober, Paint Your Heart And Soul, sketchbook

Congratulations and More

First off, I am honored to congratulate Toni K, the winner of the free spot in PYHAS – it was SO fun seeing all the different entries and I want to thank each and every one of you for stopping by the blog and taking the time to answer.

I’ll be making some more fun announcements as we head into the year end – can’t wait!


is anyone else still doing #inktober? I finally got my act together this year – and I’m going to be doing small botanicals in a small moleskine – keeping this something I can actually get to happen.

Here’s 10/1:

I loved including some of the new grey microns – they’re a watercolor painter’s dream in addition to just being plain amazingly useful. This is 3.5×5 or whatever the little size is. I don’t love their watercolor book for watercolor but it’s nice for pen and ink and washes.

Drawing these mushrooms was a little bit of a challenge for me – I realize how uncomfortable I can be with hatching, but I really do want to use this chance to improve my comfort levels with inking.

I’ve been using adobe fresco a bit for linework (it’s a lot like procreate, shamelessly so, really) and I don’t know. I guess I’m the ultimate old dog, nothing will ever feel as comfortable as the resistance that I get from physical paper.

I also used the pentel pigment brush pen – man I love those things!

Did you do any inktober ink stuff? would love to know below.